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Information on the day-to-day business of VERMINTOWN — its institutions, its cultures and the preoccupations of its citizens.

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The Glamoured & The Vastolk: Time / Scale.

The Glamoured & the Vastfolk: a comparative treatise on time and scale.

To the Glamoured Races of Vermintown human beings – generally known as “the Vastfolk” – appear impossibly slow. Philosophically, from a Glamoured perspective, they have more in common with natural features or tectonic masses than living entities: their sluggish senses have helped the Little People both evade detection and perform their (more visible) cultural duties since time immemorial. The Glamoured owe their clandestine lives partly to their endless diligence and clever magic, but more prosaically because when they move fast they’re simply too quick for human eyes to see.

(It’s hence paradoxical – though perhaps characteristic – that so many of the Glamoured’s oldest traditions revolve around performing tangible functions in the lives of beings nearly incapable of detecting them. They’re culturally compelled to hint at their presence but socially and physically prevented from revealing it. This, arguably, is at the crux of the existential crisis facing the Glamoured.)

It follows, to Vermintown’s population, that a human occupies a strange mental niche somewhere between that of Glacial Landscape, Terrifying Predator and Deity. They peer up at these monstrous figures, creaking overhead, and see colossal feet and legs tapering infinitely into spindly, hazy, fisheyed-uncertainty.


Given the disparate scales by which the Glamoured and the Vastfolk experience time, there follows here an illustrative chart comparing standard units.



1 year (356 days)

1 Allseason or 8 Halfseasons – roughly relative to 8 human years

45 Days

1 Halfseason – roughly relative to 1 human year (360 wakes)

1 day / 24 hours

1 Suncycle or 8 Wakes

3 hours

1 Wake – roughly relative to 1 human day and night

(Note that Boggarts keep a differently scaled circadian routine, operating roughly according to divisions of one-sixth of a day/night cycle rather than one-eighth).


As a rule of thumb – with obvious caveats made for the extreme variety found even amongst people of a single race, let alone the disparity one might find between (say) a young Gob “scrawny” and an elderly Brownie “finderking” – the average denizen of Vermintown is approximately one inch tall.

In comparing human architecture to the structures throughout Vermintown a very rough ratio of 72:1 can be assumed.